This Human Rights Video Hub Pilot is a joint collaboration between WITNESS and Global Voices Online. WITNESS empowers people and organizations all over the world to use video and other technologies to promote and defend human rights. This pilot is a first step towards a larger endeavor that WITNESS is currently undertaking: the development of a Human Rights Video Hub. This Hub will be a place where anyone anywhere can upload human rights related footage video from handheld devices or laptops, to create communities and proposed calls to action around the abuses they witness.

To submit videos to the Human Rights Video Hub Pilot from your Mobile Phone. Follow these instructions: (currently the video hub will not work if you have Sprint as your mobile service provider)

1. Register for the Video Hub
This is NOT required.

2. Shoot a video with your mobile phone.

3. Send your video to
Sending a video constitutes an acceptance by you of the terms of service

4. Visit and watch videos.