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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What will I be able to do on freeFormed?

Once you register for freeformed, you will be able to send media, photographs and video from your camera phone to the freeformed site either through MMS or through a downloadable application for your mobile phone. You will also be able to invite your friends, create circles around specific topics of interest, write blog style comments on any piece of media and comment on other people's videos and photographs with your own.

Q: What if I don't have a camera phone?

freeFormed thinks its important that everyone be able to participate on the site. If you don't have a camera phone, you can upload media from your computer. You can also call in to freeFormed from your mobile or landline phone and leave voice comments for pieces of media, circles you are a member of or for particular users who are in your contact groups.

Q: What is a contact group?

Many other social networking and media sharing sites do not let their users specify how they know the people they are connected to. On freeFormed, you will be able to create contact groups that allow to specify how you know the people in your contacts. Perhaps you have one group that are your co-workers, another that is your friends, another that is your family members or one that is composed of people with like-minded interests. The best part is a particular contact can be in as many groups as you want and you can create an unlimited number of groups?

Q: What can I do with my contact groups?

Grouping your contacts allows you to set different levels of privacy for the many kinds of media you upload to the site. Certain videos and photographs you may only want to viewed by one or two of your contact groups. Grouping also allows you to send group messages out about events and other things to a select number of people. It also allows you to use the freeFormed Blast Network.

Q: What is the Blast Network?

The freeFormed Blast Network allows to you send photos and video from your phone directly to the phones of the people you want to communicate with, in addition to your freeFormed profile. This feature also allows user's to communicate with your media through voice comments directly from their phone and have their comments appear on the freeFormed site, without having to type out a text message.

Q: You mentioned privacy. What kinds of privacy options are available on freeFormed?

You can set your profile to be viewed by the general public, freeFormed members only, your contacts only or specific selected contact groups only. The same options are available for every piece of media you upload to freeFormed. In addition, freeFormed is very serious about protecting your information's privacy. We will NEVER, for any reason, sell or share your personal information to anyone outside of freeFormed.
for more information about our privacy policy, see our terms of service page

Q: What about the Circles?

Circles can also be created with varying levels of privacy. You can create a circle that is completely public, viewable by only freeFormed members or completely private and viewable only to those members of the circle. In addition, you have full control of a circle's invite policy, allowing any one to subscribe with a mouse click, allowing anyone to submit a request to subscribe, only allowing user's to subscribe by invitation or closing subscription completely.

Q: Who owns the media I upload to freeFormed?

You do! freeFormed completely supports Creative Commons. We own no rights to your media and will only use your media as promotion for the site on the front page if it is public.
for more information this, see our terms of service page

Q: What kind of data/messaging plan should I have to use freeFormed?

freeFormed reccomends that users have an unlimited data plan or an unlimited MMS messaging plan. See your service provider for details on how to get these plans.

Q: Will freeFormed work with all service providers?

Unfortunately, Sprint does some funny things when allowing users to send video and photos from their phone. If you have Sprint service, you will not yet be able to use freeFormed to send media. We are working hard to correct this problem. This should not effect users who have Nextel Service, even though they are now part of Sprint.

Q: When are you launching?

We are launching very soon. If you would like to be notified when we launch or have any further questions, send us an email at contact@freeformed,org

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